The Seal-Woman – Scottish Storytelling Centre

Composed by Granville Bantock Composition and Libretto by Marjory Kennedy-Fraser Directed by David Douglas Musical Direction by Hebba Benyaghla ★★★★ In the brisk winds of an uninhabited islet in the Western Isles, a Cailleach, Scot’s crone, croons into the emptiness of the world – singing of local legend, that of the seals which transform into … Continue reading The Seal-Woman – Scottish Storytelling Centre


Educating Rita – Perth Theatre

Written by Willy Russell Directed by Martin McCormick ★★★★ A knock on the door. Well, a few knocks. A few knocks and a kick. That’s how audiences are introduced to Rita, who isn’t just barrelling down the door but opening a barrage directly into the cultural gatekeeping of class – the value and art of … Continue reading Educating Rita – Perth Theatre

The Man in the Submarine – Byre Theatre

Written by Laila Noble Directed by Lu Kemp and Chris Stuart Wilson ★★★ There are few things as isolating as being in a submarine, fathoms below the everyday chatter, connections, and ready availability of tea and biscuits. But to be in one alone is even more inconceivable. But for many, who live with dementia every … Continue reading The Man in the Submarine – Byre Theatre

Jack and the Beanstalk – Perth Theatre

Written and Directed by Barrie Hunter Musical Direction by Alan Penman ★★★★ If it wasn’t for the vividly bright oranges and flannel forest greens, one might be forgiven for not realising that you might not be in the Fair City but in the land of Middle Perth, of Mickle Muchty under the looming shadow of … Continue reading Jack and the Beanstalk – Perth Theatre

Ladies of Letters – Perth Horsecross Written by Lou Wakefield and Carole Hayman Adapted by Jonathan Harvey Directed by Joanna Reid ★★★★ Before the world had ‘frenemies’, we had Ladies of Letters – a benchmark of the finest passive-aggressive tactics the nation is quite well known for. From radio play to ITV hit, Lou Wakefield and Carol Hayman's Ladies of Letters has remained a success throughout the … Continue reading Ladies of Letters – Perth Horsecross