A Doll’s House – Bedlam Theatre

https://youtu.be/9UmlFsBR40w Written by Henrik Ibsen Directed by Josie Rose Embleton Produced by Hannah Lacaille ★★★★ Christmas. And things surely couldn’t be any better in the Helmer household. The luxuries of life at the fingertips of a mother, and a wife; whether it’s macarons or champagne suppers, if Nora Helmer desires the whims of fancy – … Continue reading A Doll’s House – Bedlam Theatre

Have A Gander – The Scottish International Storytelling Festival II

This year’s Scottish International Storytelling Festival saw dozens upon hundreds of shows, events, and workshops occur across Edinburgh - with over one hundred of these free across the city. A wealth of theatrical and performance-orientated events took place at the Scottish Storytelling Centre, a hub for diverse creativity to flourish and nurture its emerging ideas. … Continue reading Have A Gander – The Scottish International Storytelling Festival II

Doppler – Newhailes House and Gardens

Written and Directed by Ben Harrison Adapted from Erlend Loe's novel ★★★★★ Some people buy a muscle car to conceal their insecurities – others have an affair, though the less said there, the better. A mid-life crisis can result in a peculiar array of life choices, both self-destructive and improving. And then there’s the complete … Continue reading Doppler – Newhailes House and Gardens

iHuman – Review

https://youtu.be/0qX49Lqo12c Directed by Tonje Hessen Schei 2019/Norway/99mins ★★★★ The face of war has changed. And while the atrocities of it resonate on the battlefields, towns and homes of many – war has taken a digital stance, warping public perception and influencing the states of economy, unions and elections. Brexit, Trump, and many of those delightful … Continue reading iHuman – Review

Edinburgh Tradfest – Wild Mountain Thyme

With thirty-six artists spanning the globe, performing one of most popular Scottish/Irish folk songs Wild Mountain Thyme, The Edinburgh Tradfest is marking what would have been its launch day in the best possible way, bringing the heart of tradition and music into the comfort of our homes. At noon on May 1st, the day the festival … Continue reading Edinburgh Tradfest – Wild Mountain Thyme