Wuthering Heights – King’s Theatre

https://youtu.be/KV4dYyQ4tOI Written by Emily Brontë Adapted and Directed by Emma Rice ★★★★ A young boy abandoned on the Liverpool docks, his skin a different shade than those around him. A boy beaten and abused by his new brother, adored by his new father and will change the life of his new sister – and it … Continue reading Wuthering Heights – King’s Theatre


Scenes For Survival Launch – National Theatre Scotland

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QYBt6zCi5pg At this moment, Theatre is fighting tooth & nail for our right to express a freedom of creativity, and engage an appreciation of what we, as a community, can produce. What finer way to demonstrate the capabilities of exceptionally talented individuals coming together, than with a composite of forty-plus digital artworks produced in isolation. … Continue reading Scenes For Survival Launch – National Theatre Scotland

Anthony & Cleopatra – National Theatre At Home

https://youtu.be/iQmVpLxwzxo Adapted from the works of William Shakespeare Directed by Simon Godwin ★★★★ As part of their continuing ‘At Home’ series, providing theatre to the masses, The National Theatre serves disturbing illusions of love and war, set against the surging dynasty of Octavian Caesar. This surface of grand ideas, complex yet gorgeous lyrical language conceals … Continue reading Anthony & Cleopatra – National Theatre At Home

The Panopticon – Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh

Writer: Jenni Fagan Director: Debbie Hannan Panopticon: noun. A historical building, most often a windowed prison turning in on itself, allowing a sense of visual connection. The inhabitants are on view at all times. Never really themselves, their thoughts the only thing kept apart from their keepers. It is also the titular building in which … Continue reading The Panopticon – Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh

Macbeth @ Festival Theatre

Image contribution:National Theatre Writer: William Shakespeare Director: Rufus Norris Despite its notoriety as the pinnacle of the theatrical world, few can adapt the Bard’s words well. We all know the tale, or at least we boast about knowing it. Macbeth is far from a straightforward production. A step to the left and it becomes dreary, dank and … Continue reading Macbeth @ Festival Theatre