Stand By – Assembly Roxy

Written by Adam McNamara Directed by Joe Douglas & Jo Rush ★★★★ Police brutality. Corruption, and failure to hold those to account - it’s remarkably safe to say that the scrutiny surrounding the Police Force has done nothing but escalate in recent months – let alone years, and in truth it's difficult to argue against … Continue reading Stand By – Assembly Roxy


The Mother Load – The Royal Lyceum

Written by Lynda Radley Directed by Isobel McArthur ★★★★ It’s often remarked that there is nothing like childbirth, not the physical stresses and pain, nor the cacophony of fears, joy, terror, and love in the creation of a relationship between mother and their new “bean”. Continuing to produce the highest-quality audio dramas, even as live … Continue reading The Mother Load – The Royal Lyceum