Sister Radio – Pitlochry Festival Theatre

Written by Sara Shaarawi Directed by Caitlin Skinner ★★★★ Some find comfort in familiarity. Others something more ominous. They say nothing to one another but allow the dulcet tones of the radio to fill their silences. Reading one another’s tea leaves, sisters Fatemah and Shirin have their patterns, so much so they never feel the … Continue reading Sister Radio – Pitlochry Festival Theatre

Around The World In 80 Days – Pitlochry Festival Theatre

Written by Jules Verne Adapted by Mark Powell Directed by Elizabeth Newman and Ben Occhipinti ★★★ The bonnie banks of the Tummel, to the scorching sun of Egypt, and across the globe to the blistering winds of the Wild West. Jules Verne’s stamp on science fiction and fantasy ripples through adaptation and inspiration. And turning their outdoor space … Continue reading Around The World In 80 Days – Pitlochry Festival Theatre

Privates Lives – Pitlochry Festival Theatre

Written by Noël Coward Directed by Amy Liptrott ★★ In a contemporary world of over-sharers, the idea of private life is ludicrous for some. To maintain an image of social structure though, is evidently an aspect which never parts – and if anything has worsened, especially when the reality is that deep down, normality is a … Continue reading Privates Lives – Pitlochry Festival Theatre