And Then There Were None – Central Hall, Tollcross

Written by Agatha Christie Directed by Matthew Jebb and Jonathan Whiteside ★★★ There’s an irresistible pull to the macabre and sinister, an instinctual thirst for something bloody and mysterious which goes against our nature to survive. It’s that sliver of brutality that the most successful female playwright, and a rather famous author Agatha Christie, captures … Continue reading And Then There Were None – Central Hall, Tollcross


An Inspector Calls – Festival Theatre Written by J B Priestley Directed by Stephen Daldry ★★★★★  A house, broken. A country at war. A body.  A tale on class, socialism, ‘white knights’, the welfare state, and guilt, this one-act play is currently touring its 30th anniversary – and a well-deserved one at that. One of the most prestigious works of … Continue reading An Inspector Calls – Festival Theatre

Keepers of the Light – The Studio Written and Directed by Izzy Gray ★★★★ We’re a morbid bunch, aren’t we? If it isn’t a murder mystery, court drama or reality television, there’s one thing audiences flock towards – a disappearance. And few, if any, in Scottish history can rival the infamy of the Flannan Isles Lighthouse's disappearance in 1900, where its … Continue reading Keepers of the Light – The Studio

The Da Vinci Code – King’s Theatre Based on the novel by Dan Brown Adapted by Rachel Wagstaff and Duncan Abel Directed by Luke Sheppard ★★★ Priory of Sion. Illuminati. The Holy Grail. Many of us know the tales, the legends, but here’s the thing; there’s always a grain of truth hiding in the myth. A novel for those who dislike … Continue reading The Da Vinci Code – King’s Theatre

An Unexpected Hiccup – The Studio

Directed by Ian Cameron & Maria Oller Written by Michael Duke, based on a story by Ian Cameron ★★★ Things are never what they seem, and this shall be this evening’s theme. For what is real may be revealed, with few secrets left unsealed. But perhaps those unspoken secrets should remain in shadows…? Emerging from … Continue reading An Unexpected Hiccup – The Studio