Saint Omer Directed by Alice Diop Written by Amrita David, Alice Diop and Marie N'Diaye France/2022/122 mins ★★★★ In their narrative-led debut, documentary director and filmmaker Alice Diop bases the stylistically reserved courtroom drama Saint Omer on the true-life 2016 case of Fabienne Kabou, a woman accused of killing her own child. The fictionalised character of Coly, a stand-in for … Continue reading Saint Omer


Jethica Directed by Pete Ohs Written by Andy Faulkner, Callie Hernandez, Pete Ohs, Ashley Denise Robinson and Will Madden 2022/72mins ★★★ Fed up with the leering and continually unwanted advances from men, it’s no wonder the extremes women resort to in evading stalkers and persistentance. And though the film transitions itself in storytelling genres, and … Continue reading Jethica

M3GAN Written by Akela Cooper Directed by Gerard Johnstone USA/2022/102mins ★★★ If you’ve been on the internet for more than a day, you’ll likely have seen the ‘M3GAN dance’ – the viral advertising for the film showcasing the titular film’s animatronic lead/antagonist and its kitsch and ostentatious style. But beneath the camp horror, M3GAN aims to introduce new … Continue reading M3GAN

Have a Gander – Manipulate 2023

The Manipulate Festival, Edinburgh's international festival of animation film, puppetry, and visual theatre returns for its ambitious 16th season. This year's festival will run from February 2nd - 12th across multiple physical and online venues in and around Edinburgh. In two weeks’ time, Edinburgh will host the return of one of the most extensive international … Continue reading Have a Gander – Manipulate 2023

The Harbinger – Shudder Written and Directed by Andy Mitton United States/ 2022/ 87 mins ★★★★ Covid-19 as a narrative tool isn’t entirely new; most expressionist mediums have taken to picking at the still-open wound of the Pandemic in various ways, but there’s a trickier minefield to navigate where the horror genre is concerned. Here Covid-19 isn’t strictly … Continue reading The Harbinger – Shudder