We’re All Going To The World’s Fair

https://youtu.be/_17BEuP2o0A Written & Directed by Jane Schoenburn US/2022/83mins ★★★★ There’s a world where oddness is not only coveted but valued for its creative intentions – an aspect cinema has praised and lavished for decades finds a new home in the liberating world of social postings online, from the dark depths of 4Chan to the Creepy … Continue reading We’re All Going To The World’s Fair

Fantastic Beasts – The Secrets of Dumbledore

https://youtu.be/DGhq0Kx8dzQ Written by J.K. Rowling and Steve Kloves Directed by David Yates USA/2022/142mins ★★ You would think that following the messy and contrite issues of The Hobbit, Warner Bros would recognise the murky waters which lay ahead with their subsequent prequel series – Fantastic Beasts. It appears not. This third instalment of the Harry Potter … Continue reading Fantastic Beasts – The Secrets of Dumbledore

Singin’ In The Rain – Festival Theatre

https://youtu.be/ojpYIEogAuE Screenplay by Betty Comden and Adolph Green Songs by Nacio Herb Brown and Arthur Freed Directed by Jonathan Church ★★★★★ The studio era, a Golden time for Hollywood’s finest performers and a haven of films which continue to stand the test of time, an era long soaked in nostalgia, for better or worse, and … Continue reading Singin’ In The Rain – Festival Theatre

Orphans – King’s Theatre

https://youtu.be/Q3SEXLIUlrE Music and Lyrics by Roddy Hart and Tommy Reilly Directed by Cora Bissett  Adapted by Douglas Maxwell ★★★★ A city without another of similar ilk, Glasgow sees layers of history, strife and raucous wonderment collide in a myriad of uninhibited pitches – almost a living, breathing paradox of a city. Nowhere more evident than in Peter Mullan’s … Continue reading Orphans – King’s Theatre

The Da Vinci Code – King’s Theatre

https://youtu.be/cniRGSpBXEM Based on the novel by Dan Brown Adapted by Rachel Wagstaff and Duncan Abel Directed by Luke Sheppard ★★★ Priory of Sion. Illuminati. The Holy Grail. Many of us know the tales, the legends, but here’s the thing; there’s always a grain of truth hiding in the myth. A novel for those who dislike … Continue reading The Da Vinci Code – King’s Theatre