Red Alert – Cancer – ZOO Playground

Written & Performed by Alan Wilson Directed by Kolbrún Björt Sigfúsdóttir ★★★ For years, Allan Wilson has supported the Arts and Theatre of Edinburgh. It's 2022, and Wilson makes the decision to remove himself from his usual spot in the audience and slip onto the stage. A writer, a creative, a performer. This story has … Continue reading Red Alert – Cancer – ZOO Playground

I Hope Your Flowers Bloom – Village Storytelling Festival

Created By Ramond Wilson ★★★★ There’s something to be learned from the plants, among the most ancient of creatures on this Earth, and their infinite affinities within literature, semiotic shortcuts and powerful imagery tools. Raymond Wilson taps into the archaic nature of our green-leaved neighbours to tell a tale of contemporary relationships and self-care - … Continue reading I Hope Your Flowers Bloom – Village Storytelling Festival

Jekyll and Hyde – Pitlochry Festival Theatre

Adapted by Hannah Lavery Directed by Amy Liptrott ★★★★ On the duality of human nature, Robert Louis Stevenson’s peak gothic novella Jekyll and Hyde has been twisted and pulled and adapted and re-adapted countless times over. Flung into the reaches of Sci-Fi and gender-bent with varying consequences, but there’s always been one aspect underexplored. Until now. There’s … Continue reading Jekyll and Hyde – Pitlochry Festival Theatre

Heads or Tails – Living Record & Brighton Fringe

Written by Skye Hallam ★★★ If you had forty minutes to impart your wisdom to those left behind, what would you say? Would you express your deep-seated regrets and securities in the hope of pushing someone into experiencing more, or would you warn of the impending dangers of disregarding the life you have and the … Continue reading Heads or Tails – Living Record & Brighton Fringe

Tarantula – Southwark Playhouse Written by Philip Ridley Director: Wiebke Green ★★ In the delicate and rare sun of East London, Toni experiences her first kiss. And despite her upbringing and background, happiness flows through her and young love blossoms. But someone has their eye on Toni, and they’re not exactly pleased with how well things are unfolding. … Continue reading Tarantula – Southwark Playhouse