WOODED – Assembly Roxy

Written by Cara Wilson, Ella Hällgren, Carly Wilson & Tanyaradzwa Gimani ★★★ There’s something about the woods, a land where stories are forged and mistakes made. An aspect of the direct connection with something earthen, and primal, brings out a mechanic of the emotional connection we often lose within the confines of concrete and glass … Continue reading WOODED – Assembly Roxy


Though This Be Madness – The Studio

https://youtu.be/knmZ-A3wmsY Written by Skye Loneragan Composed by Mairi Campbell BSL Interpretation by Yvonne Waddell ★★★★★ Stay on the Ball. Stay on the Ball… With a determination to soothe her baby, surrounded by the chaos of new parenthood, Skye Loneragan weaves the act of settling her new daughter with exploring the various difficulties and distractions which … Continue reading Though This Be Madness – The Studio

Weight/Wait – Swindon Dance

https://youtu.be/u1TYPXdqcd0 Created by Caldonia Walton & Kathy Richardson Filmed by Barney White/Quiet Eye Film ★★★★ Decades. Centuries. A Millennia of scholars, scientific endeavour, and academic study – and still, the exploration of mental, emotional, and physical ‘weight’ we carry within our thoughts, a bellowing internal spectral voice on our bodily autonomy is still something we … Continue reading Weight/Wait – Swindon Dance

Medicine – Edinburgh International Festival

Written & Directed by Enda Walsh Produced by Landmark Productions and Galway International Arts Festival ★★★★★ What's your Medicine? In dissecting the social responses to mental health concerns, Enda Walsh's new production launches the Theatre portion of the 2021 Edinburgh International Festival. And at first, it seems as though we’re disturbing a party – or at … Continue reading Medicine – Edinburgh International Festival

The Glass Man – Review

https://youtu.be/6M8Pvdst_7g Written & Directed by Cristian Solimeno 2011/ UK/ 108 mins ★★★ What a premise. What a deep-seated deconstruction of abusive and toxic masculinity. What a cast of accomplished performers, and what a shame. Just shy of a decade ago, Cristian Solimeno’s The Glass Man saw a limited release. Now, towards the tail end of 2020, this psychological … Continue reading The Glass Man – Review