Sandcastles – Assembly Front Room

Written by Steve McMahon Directed by Kolbrún Björt Sigfúsdóttir ★★★ Time and memory are fleeting – our most prized commodities, and in hindsight, their turbulent presence plays havoc with regret. Beth is moving to New York. Hannah should be happy for her, but she struggles. When Beth goes missing, Hannah struggles to reconcile with her … Continue reading Sandcastles – Assembly Front Room

Prism – Interview with Claire Wood

A tremendous thank you is extended to writer Claire Wood, who was courteous to answer questions and provide detail despite the regulations at the time limiting the way in which the interview could be held. Prism runs from February 2nd - 5th at 8pm - Tickets can be found here. Necessity being the mother of … Continue reading Prism – Interview with Claire Wood

Styx – Assembly Spiegeltent Palais Du VARIÉTÉ

Produced by Second Body ★★★★ What any of us would surrender for the chance to speak with a departed loved one, even for just one moment. Mythos is founded on the concept of speaking to those beyond the veil, music a tribute to them. Styx, an award-winning concert experience of storytelling, centring itself around family, loss, … Continue reading Styx – Assembly Spiegeltent Palais Du VARIÉTÉ