Cluedo – King’s Theatre Original Screenplay by Jonathan Lynn Written by Sandy Rustin Directed by Mark Bell ★★★ There’s something in everyone’s wardrobes which causes family feuds, and it’s not that hideous vase you got for the wedding. No, for any age, across multiple generations – Cluedo has sat in the closet, brought out for rainy days or wine-fuelled game … Continue reading Cluedo – King’s Theatre

The Comedy About a Bank Robbery @ King’s Theatre Video Rights:Mishief Theatre Writers: Henry Lewis, Jonathan Sayer, Henry Shields Original Director: Mark Bell with Mischief Theatre Tour Director: Kirsty Patrick Ward Mischief Theatre has capitalised on farce. Following on from the Olivier winning Play That Goes Wrong and the equally successful Peter Pan Goes Wrong, they keep their prized wits but bring their talents to a … Continue reading The Comedy About a Bank Robbery @ King’s Theatre