Anna Karenina – The Royal Lyceum Theatre

Written by Lesley Hart after Leo Tolstoy Directed by Polina Kalinina ★★★★ Romance, parental love, jealousy, self-destruction, freedom, horse-riding, guilty consciences, and a decadent mountain of desire: pick your poison. Condensing a thousand pages of Russian agricultural debates, gender politics, social class dynamics, and the grand ol’ judgements of love, relationship, and family is no … Continue reading Anna Karenina – The Royal Lyceum Theatre


The Multiverse is Gay – Royal Lyceum Theatre

Written by Lewis Hetherington Directed by Sophie Howell ★★★ A vet. A psychiatrist. A sorcerer. A filmmaker or a chef. A Power Rangers villain. These were all avenues which, at one point, I seriously considered undertaking (still working on that last one). And the idea that in another universe, only marginally different to our own, these aspirations … Continue reading The Multiverse is Gay – Royal Lyceum Theatre

You Bury Me – The Royal Lyceum Written by Ahlam Directed by Katie Posner ★★★★ There’s something which can escape even the tightest of militaristic strangleholds: words. A series of anti-government and establishment, armed rebellions and uprisings occurred across much of the Arab world in late 2010 – stretching into the following year and beyond. Its consequences, and the lives lost, … Continue reading You Bury Me – The Royal Lyceum

Truth’s A Dog Must Kennel – Lyceum Theatre

Written by Tim Crouch Directed by Karl James and Andy Smith ★★★★★ It’s an odd feeling, writing your career obituary. But elements of writer and performer Tim Crouch’s Truth's A Dog Must Kennel undoubtedly conjures a more morose feeling of the Fringe’s (and Theatres) return and future – one of apprehension and squandered opportunity. One … Continue reading Truth’s A Dog Must Kennel – Lyceum Theatre

Counting and Cracking – Lyceum Theatre Written and Associate Direction by S. Shakthidharan Director and Associate Writing by Eamon Flack ★★★★★ Without a steady foot on the ground, two young lovers’ cross paths one late night/early morning – neither with any roots within their place of study in New South Wales. Sat beneath the still warm night sky, under a … Continue reading Counting and Cracking – Lyceum Theatre