Everbody’s Talking About Jamie – Festival Theatre

https://youtu.be/d5JiSoiJZMc Music by Dan Gillespie Sells Book & Lyrics by Tom Macrae From the Original Idea by Jonathan Butterall Directed by Matt Ryan ★★★★ Acceptance and Identity. Peculiar that these two pivotal and paramount concepts are so difficult for us to overcome and welcome - both others, and ourselves. With a few spoonfuls of Priscilla, dollops … Continue reading Everbody’s Talking About Jamie – Festival Theatre

Rambert – Festival Theatre

Artistic Director: Benoit Swan Pouffer A dancer’s ability stretches beyond the confines of simple movement, as storytellers, a superbly talented dancer is also a crafter of narrative. At times, the lack of a voice has drawbacks, but Rambert (in particular) excels in the extraordinary, the delicate marriage of movement and tale. A trio of performances, which couldn’t … Continue reading Rambert – Festival Theatre