Encanto – Review

https://youtu.be/togmdDHG3Pw Written by Charise Castro Smith & Jared Bush Directed by Jared Bush & Byron Howard USA/ 2021/ 102 mins ★★★★★ The sixtieth animated feature to reveal itself from the Walt Disney Vault, Encanto continues the companies’ ongoing exploration of cultures outside of traditional Western fables or European folklore. Turning their eye towards the dense, emerald forests of Columbia, … Continue reading Encanto – Review

Hamilton and Me: An Actor’s Journal by Giles Terera

Written by Giles Terera Available July 1st Concerning musical theatre, and the arts community in general, the past year has cemented one thing; people don’t appreciate the level of complexity and preparation which goes into live entertainment. And this isn’t even counting the on-the-night events of choreography, stage management or orchestral. No, the level of … Continue reading Hamilton and Me: An Actor’s Journal by Giles Terera

Hamilton – Disney +

https://youtu.be/DSCKfXpAGHc Directed by Thomas Kail Book, Music & Lyrics by Lin-Manuel Miranda ★★★★★ For people who never understood, indeed resented, the attention and proclaimed brilliance of Hamilton – this is the opportunity to witness the phenomenon which has, and continues to, challenge the face of theatrical culture and historical perception. The American founding fathers, among … Continue reading Hamilton – Disney +