Puss in Moon Boots – Sleeping Trees

https://youtu.be/tkSs327MXjg Written by Sleeping Trees and Ben Hales Directed by Kerry Frampton ★★★ Reindeer? Check. Mince Pies? Burned. Stockings? Stuffed. Pet cat in Moon Boots? Wait… The festive staples are rolling out once more; when every town has their Pantomime, every village hall their Christmas Carol, and every online producer their festive non-commercialised special. Here, Sleeping … Continue reading Puss in Moon Boots – Sleeping Trees

Is This A Dagger? – Scottish Storytelling Centre

https://youtu.be/t4OrNJ-aUW4 Written by Andy Cannon Based on the works of William Shakespeare ★★★★★ Thane of Glamis, Thane of Cawdor, and then King hereafter – let’s face it, you know the story of Shakespeare’s Macbeth. But what about Hector’s Macbeth? Ralph’s? Thought not. Deliciously morbid, revived as whimsically creative and comedic, Is This A Dagger? infuses a sense of … Continue reading Is This A Dagger? – Scottish Storytelling Centre

White – Traverse Theatre

Creator: Andy Manley Director: Gill Robertson Profoundly simplistic, though magnanimous in spiritual creativity, White may label itself as a show for the youngest theatregoers, but its aesthetics, humour and sharp imagery are of a timeless piece. Pitching itself towards the younger crowd, but refraining from simplicity, cooing or pander. Its narrative follows Cotton and Wrinkle, two chaps … Continue reading White – Traverse Theatre

The Adventures of Curious Ganz – Assembly Roxy

"Little Angel Theatre spins wood, plastic and string into storytelling gold"