The Stamping Ground – Festival Theatre Written by Morna Young Concept by Alan B McLeod Directed by Luke Kernaghan Featuring the Songs of Runrig ★★★ What is 'home'? Is it where we feel safe, where we are from, or is it simply the land itself we inhabit? Perhaps, it’s all of these. Or maybe it's something more. The merger of … Continue reading The Stamping Ground – Festival Theatre


Spin! – Assembly Roxy

Written & Directed by Catriona MacLeod Set & Costume Design by Kenneth MacLeod ★★★★ Careful of where you air your dirty laundry: someone, or something, might just be able to tell a thing or two about you. In a world in which the thunderously transformative and evolving capabilities of artificial intelligence increase almost daily, Catriona … Continue reading Spin! – Assembly Roxy

In the Weeds – Summerhall

Written by Joseph Wilde Directed by Rebecca Atkinson-Lord ★★★★ It’s not peculiar to find a water baby, a person with a likeness for being near to, or found in the water at any chance. Indeed, in the Scottish Highlands and Islands, it’s a relatively normal way of life – and those who find themselves unable … Continue reading In the Weeds – Summerhall

Bedknobs & Broomsticks – Festival Theatre Original Music & Lyrics by The Sherman Brothers New Songs & Additional Music & Lyrics by Neil Bartram Book by Brian Hill Directed by Candice Edmunds ★★★★ Desperation and agony often find solace in the realms of music, of colour and the more fantastical elements. For those fleeing war-torn London for the country, leaving … Continue reading Bedknobs & Broomsticks – Festival Theatre