The Bodyguard – Edinburgh Playhouse

Based on the Warner Bros. Film Book by Alexander Dinelaris Directed by Thea Sharrock ★★★ Love blossoms in the oddest of places, doesn’t it? Especially in a jukebox musical. Especially in a jukebox musical based upon a smash-hit 1992 romantic drama film. But Laurence Kasden’s The Bodyguard, largely down to Whitney Houston’s Oscar-nominated soundtrack, has … Continue reading The Bodyguard – Edinburgh Playhouse


The Cher Show – Festival Theatre Music as performed by Cher Book by Rick Elise Directed by Arlene Phillips ★★★★ Hooooooo boy, here we go. It should come as no surprise that in the pantheon of Jukebox musicals, some industry giants have carved their names onto the stage once more. But there was one notable absence. The tale of a … Continue reading The Cher Show – Festival Theatre

The Osmonds: A Musical – Festival Theatre Story by Jay Osmond Book by Julian Bigg & Shaun Kerrison Music by The Osmond Family ★★★ One hundred million records, twenty-eight albums, television icons, and a star on the Hollywood walk of fame. One entertainment family empire. But how much do we genuinely know about the Osmonds? Hell, how many of us even … Continue reading The Osmonds: A Musical – Festival Theatre

Footloose – Edinburgh Playhouse

Adapted by Dean Pitchford and Walter Bobbie Lyrics by Dean Pitchford Directed by Racky Plews ★★★ Tragedy claims the lives of four young teens in the county of Bolmont U.S. And to heal the wounds of losing his son, the local Reverend and city council outlaw the promiscuous act of dancing, which had a hand … Continue reading Footloose – Edinburgh Playhouse

Underwood Lane – Johnstone Town Hall

Written by John Byrne Directed by Andy Arnold ★★★ Love, life, death, and a poke of chips; it’s the 60s in Scotland, West Coast Johnstone and Paisley, where the weather is temperamental, and the unshackled restrictions and attitudes of the Swinging Sixties hadn’t quite made it north of the border. But there was one thing … Continue reading Underwood Lane – Johnstone Town Hall