Ladies of Letters – Perth Horsecross Written by Lou Wakefield and Carole Hayman Adapted by Jonathan Harvey Directed by Joanna Reid ★★★★ Before the world had ‘frenemies’, we had Ladies of Letters – a benchmark of the finest passive-aggressive tactics the nation is quite well known for. From radio play to ITV hit, Lou Wakefield and Carol Hayman's Ladies of Letters has remained a success throughout the … Continue reading Ladies of Letters – Perth Horsecross

Sheila’s Island – King’s Theatre Written by Tim Firth Directed by Joanna Reid ★★★ Training days. Excursion missions. Trust exercises. Does anyone enjoy mandatory work events like these? If they do, they’re the ones to avoid at the office party. A reimagining of their comedic play Neville’s Island, Tim Firth adapts their work for an all-female cast, following similar structural … Continue reading Sheila’s Island – King’s Theatre