Copenhagen – Assembly Roxy

Written by Michael Frayn Directed by Ross Hope ★★★★ Spectres linger in Michael Frayn’s Copenhagen, which received a strong reception from audiences at the Assembly Roxy last week. Edinburgh Graduate Theatre Group utilise their usual pedigree to translate a tricky play with competence and intellect. Opening, in quite the contrary way to a performance so … Continue reading Copenhagen – Assembly Roxy


A Christmas Carol – Assembly Roxy

From the Novel by Charles Dickens Directed by Angela Harkness Robertson ★★★★ Puppets, cartoons, re-visionist history, musicals, futuristic, Bill Murray: filmmakers and playwrights have endeavoured to re-tell Charles Dicken’s tale of redemption and guilt for decades. A Christmas Carol, The quintessential festive ghost story of the miserly Ebeneezer Scrooge’s visits from the deities of history – spectres … Continue reading A Christmas Carol – Assembly Roxy