Sideshow Written & Directed by Adam Oldroyd UK/2022/94mins ★★ There’s something to be said for a cinematic experience in which national treasure Les Dennis defecates himself during an armed heist; it’s nothing good. British comedy Sideshow seems to consider itself a bit of a freak, separate from the mainstream, a ‘dark’ comedy that finds itself with a … Continue reading Sideshow

Ride the Eagle – Review Written by Jake Johnson & Trent O'Donnell Directed by Trent O'Donnell USA/2021/88mins ★★★ It’s never too late to change or re-affirm a lost connection – even if one of them is recently deceased. Leif never had much of a relationship with his mother, Honey, the two drifting as she sought out her way in … Continue reading Ride the Eagle – Review