Sheila’s Island – King’s Theatre Written by Tim Firth Directed by Joanna Reid ★★★ Training days. Excursion missions. Trust exercises. Does anyone enjoy mandatory work events like these? If they do, they’re the ones to avoid at the office party. A reimagining of their comedic play Neville’s Island, Tim Firth adapts their work for an all-female cast, following similar structural … Continue reading Sheila’s Island – King’s Theatre

Groan Ups – King’s Theatre

Written by Henry Lewis, Jonathan Sayer & Henry Shields Directed by Kirsty Patrick Ward ★★★ Settle down everyone, and while you more than likely have plenty to say, fingers on lips, legs crossed and try not to be influenced by this crowd of rabble-rousing misfits. They’re botched mysteries, torn-apart pantos, cracked open the heist-thriller and … Continue reading Groan Ups – King’s Theatre

Patricia Gets Ready (For a Date with a Man who Used to Hit Her) – EICC

Written by Martha Watson Allpress Directed by Kaleya Baxe Performed by Angelina Chudi ★★★★★ There’s absolutely nothing worse than running into your Ex right? The awkwardness, the ambition to be in a better place, the latent feelings of adoration, anxiety, and fear. Yes, fear. For some, running into an Ex is an annoyance, and for … Continue reading Patricia Gets Ready (For a Date with a Man who Used to Hit Her) – EICC

Late Night Staring at High-Red Pixels – Finborough Theatre

Written by Athena Stevens Directed by Lily McLeish ★★★★ Hands up if you’ve ever sent a nude photo. Careless fun, intimate and a solidifying sign of trust in our partners or potential lovers. But what happens when someone violates consent and shows this photo to their best-friend – harmless fun, right? When A is shown … Continue reading Late Night Staring at High-Red Pixels – Finborough Theatre

Extra Ordinary – Netflix Written & Directed by: Mike Ahern and Enda Loughman If there’s something strange in your neighbourhood, the last person you’d call is the driving instructor, right? Well, in quaint, middle-of-nowhere Ireland, this is precisely who to reach out to for all your ectoplasmic queries. Where other than rural Ireland could you stumble upon satanic … Continue reading Extra Ordinary – Netflix