Fascinating Aïda – Festival Theatre

Directed by Paul Foster Featuring Michael Roulston on Piano ★★★★ For just shy of forty years, Fascinating Aïda has taken a harpoon to topical issues and presented their views on the world, love, life, and gin through the medium of comedic songwriting. And though cast members dip in and out, the longevity of the group survives and … Continue reading Fascinating Aïda – Festival Theatre

Sheila’s Island – King’s Theatre

https://youtu.be/ytdp9304iQg Written by Tim Firth Directed by Joanna Reid ★★★ Training days. Excursion missions. Trust exercises. Does anyone enjoy mandatory work events like these? If they do, they’re the ones to avoid at the office party. A reimagining of their comedic play Neville’s Island, Tim Firth adapts their work for an all-female cast, following similar structural … Continue reading Sheila’s Island – King’s Theatre

Groan Ups – King’s Theatre

Written by Henry Lewis, Jonathan Sayer & Henry Shields Directed by Kirsty Patrick Ward ★★★ Settle down everyone, and while you more than likely have plenty to say, fingers on lips, legs crossed and try not to be influenced by this crowd of rabble-rousing misfits. They’re botched mysteries, torn-apart pantos, cracked open the heist-thriller and … Continue reading Groan Ups – King’s Theatre

Patricia Gets Ready (For a Date with a Man who Used to Hit Her) – EICC

Written by Martha Watson Allpress Directed by Kaleya Baxe Performed by Angelina Chudi ★★★★★ There’s absolutely nothing worse than running into your Ex right? The awkwardness, the ambition to be in a better place, the latent feelings of adoration, anxiety, and fear. Yes, fear. For some, running into an Ex is an annoyance, and for … Continue reading Patricia Gets Ready (For a Date with a Man who Used to Hit Her) – EICC

Late Night Staring at High-Red Pixels – Finborough Theatre

Written by Athena Stevens Directed by Lily McLeish ★★★★ Hands up if you’ve ever sent a nude photo. Careless fun, intimate and a solidifying sign of trust in our partners or potential lovers. But what happens when someone violates consent and shows this photo to their best-friend – harmless fun, right? When A is shown … Continue reading Late Night Staring at High-Red Pixels – Finborough Theatre