Jinnistan – Traverse Theatre

Written by Taqi Nazeer Directed by Niloo Farr Khan ★★★★ The Jinn, or perhaps you’re more familiar with the term Djinn or anglicized and generic term Genie, are beings of near-impenetrable veils, unlikely to ever be seen but always felt. The power and faith behind these pre-Islamic spirits are no less revered or impactful than … Continue reading Jinnistan – Traverse Theatre

Post Mortem – Review

https://youtu.be/s8AMy2Oh-7I Written by Piros Zánkay Story by Gábor Hellebrandt and Péter Bergendy Directed by Péter Bergendy 2020/115mins/Hungary ★★★ The dead outnumber the living. Surviving the Great War, Tomás finds himself amidst the deceased in an open grave following an explosion which should have claimed him. Mistaken for dead, it is only after the observations of … Continue reading Post Mortem – Review

Pennywise: The Story of It

https://youtu.be/AAMRdPu3KnM Written by John Campopiano and Chris Griffiths Directed by John Campopiano and Gary Smart ★★★ Look. We get it. We really do. There’s just something not right about Clowns. It’s an established fear. There’s an unsettling presence to something with a permanent smile fixed on its face – and Stephen King, horror novelist extraordinaire, capitalised on … Continue reading Pennywise: The Story of It

Camping Trip – Review

https://youtu.be/q561Vqr8n70 Directed by Demian Fuica & Leonardo Fuica Written by Leonardo Fuica 2020/USA/115mins ★★ The feeling of freedom after the initial lockdown was a peculiar one. The fear was latent, but very much still there. Our desire to see others peaked, and our initial concerns about touching, embracing, and kissing others wilted at the sight … Continue reading Camping Trip – Review

American Werewolves

https://youtu.be/YPMr5a6ZwlI Directed by Seth Breedlove ★★ Each year, reports emerge across North America of a cryptid, a creature skulking the marshlands and forests of the country as far-reaching as Alaska. Yet, it is not the expectant Sasquatch or Bigfoot, but an upright canid, a Dogman, and endless reports of American Werewolves. Squaring up to these snarling … Continue reading American Werewolves