A Doll’s House – Bedlam Theatre

https://youtu.be/9UmlFsBR40w Written by Henrik Ibsen Directed by Josie Rose Embleton Produced by Hannah Lacaille ★★★★ Christmas. And things surely couldn’t be any better in the Helmer household. The luxuries of life at the fingertips of a mother, and a wife; whether it’s macarons or champagne suppers, if Nora Helmer desires the whims of fancy – … Continue reading A Doll’s House – Bedlam Theatre


The Enemy – King’s Theatre

https://youtu.be/uxZ1QXpqBPw Directed by Finn Dern Hertog Written by Kieran Hurley (After Henrik Ibsen's An Enemy of the People) ★★★★ Gentrifying urban spaces from lower-income areas is a wearying, complex and often a begrudging transformative aspect of contemporary Scotland. With various communities underfunded, underpopulated and a shadow of their once-proud market or port days, incoming businesses … Continue reading The Enemy – King’s Theatre