The Snow Queen – Festival Theatre Choreography by Christopher Hampson  Composition by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov  ★★★★ In the intrusive darkness, something magical glitters in the Festival Theatre stage light. Amidst the protrusions of silhouetted ice, a familiar being stirs triumphantly again after a three-year slumber away from the stage. Scottish Ballet makes a grand return to the Christmas season, with an … Continue reading The Snow Queen – Festival Theatre

The Not So Ugly Duckling – Scottish Storytelling Centre

Written & Performed by Jo Clifford and Maria MacDonell ★★★★ It might be the first story most of us hear, that of the duckling who found themselves different to the rest of their flock. With big, floppy wings, elongated feet, and a different shade of feather to their brothers and sisters. The Ugly Duckling is … Continue reading The Not So Ugly Duckling – Scottish Storytelling Centre

A Whisker Away – Netflix Written by Mari Okada Directed by Jun'ichi Satô & Tomotaka Shibayama  Japan / 2020 / 104 mins ★★★★ leeping all day, prowling all night – the life of a cat seems a pretty sweet gig, right? No responsibilities, no commitments and all the glasses you can knock off the table. For Miyo Saski, being … Continue reading A Whisker Away – Netflix

The Snow Queen – Festival Theatre

Based on the Hans Christian Andersen Choreography by Christopher Hampson Design by Lez Brotherston Music by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov Reworking the timeless tale by Hans Christian Anderson, no doubt borrowing from Walt Disney’s adaptation of the story, Scottish Ballet continues into the closure of its 50th anniversary with The Snow Queen. In this version, the deviating … Continue reading The Snow Queen – Festival Theatre