And Then There Were None – Central Hall, Tollcross

Written by Agatha Christie Directed by Matthew Jebb and Jonathan Whiteside ★★★ There’s an irresistible pull to the macabre and sinister, an instinctual thirst for something bloody and mysterious which goes against our nature to survive. It’s that sliver of brutality that the most successful female playwright, and a rather famous author Agatha Christie, captures … Continue reading And Then There Were None – Central Hall, Tollcross


Brassed Off – Church Hill Theatre

Written by Paul Allen Directed by Jacqueline Wheble ★★★★ A choice between eating and heating. Fishing for coins down the sofa to pay the gas and the constant threat of unemployment and rising costs. Sounds all too familiar. Paul Allen’s 1998 stage adaptation of Mark Herman’s screenplay for the 1996 film Brassed Off manages one of the … Continue reading Brassed Off – Church Hill Theatre

frisson (in a bar) – Leith Arches

Written by CMF Wood Directed by Ross Hope ★★★ Love’s a bitch, isn’t it? Especially for those who sought connection during the onset of the Pandemic, where isolation crept into more homes than ever. It was a time of tremendous frustrations and loneliness – for those unable to see family, and loved ones and conduct … Continue reading frisson (in a bar) – Leith Arches

All Shook Up – Churchill Theatre

Featuring the Music of Elvis Presley Book by Joe DiPietro Directed by Scott Coltman ★★★★ Rightfully opening on Valentine's Day, Edinburgh grassroots theatre group The Bohemians sprinkle the air of the Churchill Theatre with love, passion and a heaping bucket of lust and pelvic-thrusting deviance. Arriving onto the scenes in some tight pants and high-rise … Continue reading All Shook Up – Churchill Theatre

A Christmas -Michael- Miracle – Scottish Storytelling Centre

Written by Poppy Smith Directed by James Beagon ★★★ It’s every parent’s nightmare; the school nativity. Well, sort of. Taking the Michael, Poppy Smith’s original script warps the Nativity into a social comedy of the hierarchies and headaches of producing the annual school showcase, where everyone has to have a part, whether they want to or … Continue reading A Christmas -Michael- Miracle – Scottish Storytelling Centre