Cyprus Avenue – Tron Theatre Written by David Ireland Directed by Andy Arnold ★★★★ The cautionary content warnings which come alongside Tron Theatre’s production of David Ireland’s Cyprus Avenue are not to be ignored. This is stated more for those unfamiliar with Ireland’s award-winning productions, which range widely in their use of violence, humour, and the discomfiting to drive home aspects … Continue reading Cyprus Avenue – Tron Theatre


Until It’s Gone – A Play, A Pie and A Pint

Written by Alison Carr Directed by Caitlin Skinner ★★★★ 49.7% (give or take) of the world gone in an instant. But this vanishing act is by no biblical rapture or comic-book endgame shenanigans: this future Alison Carr’s Until It’s Gone manifests is one without explanation. The first entry into the 2023 A Play, A Pie, And a … Continue reading Until It’s Gone – A Play, A Pie and A Pint

Moonset – Traverse Theatre

Written by Maryam Hamidi Directed by Joanna Bowman ★★★★ Secrets are one of the most toxic things we preserve. But also one of the few things we have autonomy over: ours to control. And when we don’t have control or an understanding over ourselves, well, they become a toxic lifeline. One of the country's most … Continue reading Moonset – Traverse Theatre

Love Beyond (Act of Remembrance) – Traverse Theatre

Written by Ramesh Meyyappan Directed by Matthew Lenton ★★★★ The stream of productions which open themselves up to offer an insight into the lives of those living with dementia is becoming a more commonplace and tightly executed trend in Scottish theatre. A remarkably pure story of a love story of loss, and self-love, Raw Material … Continue reading Love Beyond (Act of Remembrance) – Traverse Theatre

Ferguson and Barton – The Studio

Co-Created and Performed by Lucy Ireland and Jim Manganello Creative Production by Helen McIntosh ★★★ Just what is Vertigo anyhow? The film critic side wants to push for its tertiary genre as a psychological thriller, a romantic drama, and of course a tragedy. But when transitioning to the stage, MANIPULATE 2023’s second Hitchcock-inspired piece, Glasgow-based Shotput Theatre’s Ferguson … Continue reading Ferguson and Barton – The Studio