Rocket Post – Scottish Storytelling Centre

Written & Directed by Lewis Hetherington Associate Direction by Sam Hardie ★★★★★ It’s July 1934, and the inhabitants of the Western Isles of Scotland don’t know it yet, but they’re watching history unfolding. Huddled together on a small stretch of sandy beach, the islanders watch as Gerhard Zucker looks to the skies to answer the … Continue reading Rocket Post – Scottish Storytelling Centre

Home – Review Written & Directed by Franka Potente Germany/2020/100mins ★★★★ Revenge and reconciliation. Forgiveness takes more than accepting an apology – and to truly repent, it takes more than showing a brave face at the local Church. An eye for an eye may seem the viable option for some, but the agony and dredging of emotion … Continue reading Home – Review

Plan A – Review Written & Directed by Yoav Paz & Doron Paz Germany & Israel/2021/109mins ★★ s millions celebrated the end of World War II, there’s a habit of conjuring this immediate image of the defeat of Hitler as a drawn curtain. In reality, for thousands of survivors of the Holocaust, returning Jewish communities found that, despite … Continue reading Plan A – Review

Persian Lessons – Review Directed by Vadim Perelman Screenplay adapted by Ilja Zofin Russia, Germany, Belarus/ 2020/ 127 mins ★★★ Treading the line of invention is a difficult option, and potentially dangerous when devising a Holocaust survival story. But in the end, director Vadim Perelman‘s Persian Lessons has little intention of maintaining authenticity throughout; instead, focusing on specific aspects which, tragically, … Continue reading Persian Lessons – Review

Purple Sea – Document Film Festival

Directed by Amel Alzakout Germany / 2020 / 67 mins ★★★★ Of the 300 passengers seeking salvation aboard a smuggler’s dinghy, at least forty-two perished, and director Amel Alzakout thought she would be one of them. She expected to die. Mercifully, most of us will never experience what Purple Sea documents. We will never find ourselves at … Continue reading Purple Sea – Document Film Festival