Babs – A Play, A Pie, and A Pint

Written by Morna Young Directed by Beth Morton ★★★★ Depending upon the poison you pick, the legendary Baba Yaga is famed for either devouring or protecting and raising those without mothers. Is either a fearsome, powerful, malicious witch or an emphatic woman of the world. Context is everything, and that’s something threaded beautifully into Morna … Continue reading Babs – A Play, A Pie, and A Pint


Dragons and Mythical Beasts – Underbelly

Written by Derek Bond Directed by Derek Bond and Laura Cubitt ★★★★ Hear ye, hear ye, all brave knights and heroes assemble for the finest adventure of their lives! Come face to face with some of folklore's most magnificently majestic monsters and spectacular beasts to grace the earth with their presence. Join Dave (Ben Galpin) … Continue reading Dragons and Mythical Beasts – Underbelly

Tam O’ Shanter, Tales & Whisky – theSpace @ Venue 45

Based on the works of Robert Burns Associate direction by Emily Ingram ★★★★ You know, Scotland’s bard wasn’t all about mice and romance. Often, in the dead of night, Burn’s had a finer grasp of Scotland’s provocative ties with folklore and the land better than many scribes and storytellers. He was partial to a ghoulish … Continue reading Tam O’ Shanter, Tales & Whisky – theSpace @ Venue 45

Green Knight – Scottish Storytelling Centre Performed & Written by Debbie Cannon Directed by Flavia D'Avila ★★★★ You never quite know what whimsical journey through folklore or history may present at the Scottish Storytelling Centre; why one day, it may be Dragons and Kelpies, the next, Rowdy Poets and Ceilidhs. But this afternoon, the court of Camelot returns, brought to … Continue reading Green Knight – Scottish Storytelling Centre

The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart – Playfair Library

Written & Co-Created by David Greig Directed & Co-Created by Wils Wilson ★★★★★ We struggle with an identity in Scotland, though most wouldn’t admit it. A visage of ancient myth, refuting a heritage and resigning firelit pubs, ballads, and stories to nostalgic tourist traps. Where we sit on the cutting edge of technology but cannot, … Continue reading The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart – Playfair Library