The Meaning of Zong – Lyceum Theatre Written by Giles Terera Directed by Tom Morris & Giles Terera ★★★★★ In this mortal valley of howling yaps and indistinguishable guttural cries – one voice is enough to command the room, to prick the ear of the right people. To change history. Two hundred years ago, Olaudah Equiano recounts the reports of a … Continue reading The Meaning of Zong – Lyceum Theatre


The Children – Dundee Rep

Written by Lucy Kirkwood Directed by Andrew Panton ★★★★★ Unexpected, but far from unfamiliar – a visitor arrives at a small cottage by the shoreline, their intentions unknown, but their presence unnerves the residents of this off-grid slice of tranquillity in a world snared in turmoil. Once a distant fantasy, but now a crushing reality … Continue reading The Children – Dundee Rep

A Christmas Carol – Citizen’s Theatre/Tramway

Based on Charles Dickens Classic Written by Neil Bartlett Directed by Dominic Hill ★★★★★ More than ever, the tale of the gnarled heart of a man with wealth, enough wealth to change the lives of many, but turns an eye is an all too familiar tale in contemporary life. As the Westernised ideal of Christmas … Continue reading A Christmas Carol – Citizen’s Theatre/Tramway

Lament for Sheku Bayoh – Edinburgh International Festival Written & Directed by Hannah Lavery ★★★★★ Scotland is notable for a friendly attitude towards everyone - a land thought of as a home for any. But within a nation in which cities were built on the broken backs of slaves, where the train rides home and its politicians open their mouths and spew … Continue reading Lament for Sheku Bayoh – Edinburgh International Festival

Doppler – Newhailes House and Gardens

Written and Directed by Ben Harrison Adapted from Erlend Loe's novel ★★★★★ Some people buy a muscle car to conceal their insecurities – others have an affair, though the less said there, the better. A mid-life crisis can result in a peculiar array of life choices, both self-destructive and improving. And then there’s the complete … Continue reading Doppler – Newhailes House and Gardens