Birdboy – Traverse Theatre Created by Emma Martin ★★★★ Not even in their own heads can they find solace - no, in this world where a young boy seeks to escape the trauma and harshness of the every day, even retreating inside his mind comes with risk. Venturing into his head, through a land where growing up is … Continue reading Birdboy – Traverse Theatre

Eat Me – Manipulate Festival

Originally conceived by Eszter Marsalko, Isy Sharman and Claire Eliza Willoughby Devised and Performed by Ian Cameron, Isy Sharman and Claire Eliza Willoughby ★★★ Frozen, out of time, slipping on the wet cobbles beneath in her loud dress without any shoes – Prey lays there with the snaps of cold water flushing her face. Nothing … Continue reading Eat Me – Manipulate Festival

The Opening Concert – Edinburgh International Festival

Conducted by Dalia Stasevska Accompanied by The BBC Symphony Orchestra ★★★ After a two-year wait, here we are. Open to the elements of Scotland within one of three newly constructed Edinburgh International Festival venues, The Opening Concert is a merit of dedication, adoration, and the intimacy of live, in-person music and performance. Behind the revelry and fanfare, and beneath … Continue reading The Opening Concert – Edinburgh International Festival

1902 – Leith Arches

Directed by Nathan Scott-Dunn and Sands Stirling ★★★★ There pertains this elitist myth that art and sport (specifically theatre and football) don’t share a common ground, let alone a common audience. Nonsense. Sport is theatre. Theatre is sport. And let’s be frank, a fair heft of football involves grander performances than those of the National … Continue reading 1902 – Leith Arches

Is This A Dagger? – Scottish Storytelling Centre Written by Andy Cannon Based on the works of William Shakespeare ★★★★★ Thane of Glamis, Thane of Cawdor, and then King hereafter – let’s face it, you know the story of Shakespeare’s Macbeth. But what about Hector’s Macbeth? Ralph’s? Thought not. Deliciously morbid, revived as whimsically creative and comedic, Is This A Dagger? infuses a sense of … Continue reading Is This A Dagger? – Scottish Storytelling Centre