Il Trittico – Festival Theatre Composed by Giacomo Puccini Directed by Sir David McVicar Conducted by Stuart Stratford ★★★★★ The idea of remaining faithful to the artist's intentions is, for some producers, not always the first thing on their mind in staging a lengthy or composite collection of works. For Puccini, there was no other way to demonstrate the … Continue reading Il Trittico – Festival Theatre


Pride & Prejudice* (*Sort of) – Royal Lyceum Written by Isobel McArthur, after Jane Austen Directed by Isobel McArthur and Simon Harvey ★★★★★ It takes vision to reinvigorate a text, particularly a homogenous genre-defining work of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. Ignore every preconception you may have about the Romantic Drama of Austen’s literary classic and enable Isobel McArthur to pulverise those ideas … Continue reading Pride & Prejudice* (*Sort of) – Royal Lyceum

The Last Return – Traverse Theatre Written by Sonya Kelly Directed by Sara Joyce ★★★★ We’re renowned for it; queuing. We’re rather good at following orders in this country; an understanding of the unwritten doctrine of etiquette and ensuring others who perhaps don’t grasp the concept are made aware of how things are done here. There are no favours, no … Continue reading The Last Return – Traverse Theatre

Privates Lives – Pitlochry Festival Theatre

Written by Noël Coward Directed by Amy Liptrott ★★ In a contemporary world of over-sharers, the idea of private life is ludicrous for some. To maintain an image of social structure though, is evidently an aspect which never parts – and if anything has worsened, especially when the reality is that deep down, normality is a … Continue reading Privates Lives – Pitlochry Festival Theatre

Laurel & Hardy – The Royal Lyceum Theatre Written by Tom McGrath Directed by Tony Cownie  ★★★★ Life’s too short not to laugh. From Charlie Chaplin to Buster Keaton, Alice Howell to Mildred Davis, the silent era stars navigated the dishevelled steps of comedy gold through the early twenties to the fifties. But above them all, one duo paved the cobbles for … Continue reading Laurel & Hardy – The Royal Lyceum Theatre