Comedy of Errors – Citizen Theatre

Based on the work of William Shakespeare Directed by Dominic Hill ★★★★ Curbed, like so many, by Covid, Dominic Hill’s returning production of Shakespeare’s somewhat estranged piece The Comedy of Errors may have had its original 2021 run condensed; it certainly makes up for the lost time.  The Greek city of Ephesus was the Las … Continue reading Comedy of Errors – Citizen Theatre


Julius Caesar – Summerhall

Written by William Shakespeare Directed by Ewan Downie ★★★★ All good things must pass, as fields wilt and rivers dry, as teeth decay and fledglings fly. So to, Caesar must rule no more. Company of Wolves' already well-received production of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar meets its end (for now) in the consecrated corridors of Summerhall – a fitting … Continue reading Julius Caesar – Summerhall