FOW – Summerhall OnDemand

Written by Alan Saunders Directed by Elisa Davison ★★★★ Love has no manners whatsoever: it's never around when you want it, and always hanging about when you need it to sod off. And for Lissa, a deaf woman struggling with the pressures of university, love is the last thing on her mind – yet, here … Continue reading FOW – Summerhall OnDemand

Dishonour – Fringe OnDemand

Written & Directed by Terrence Turner ★★★★★ One-woman show Dishonour, written and directed by Terrence Turner, presents audiences with an under-discussed issue: female genital mutilation (FGM). The nature in which tradition is shackled to systemic abuse is remarkable, and the discourse surrounding it as complex as imaginable. Dishonour handles these complexities by telling multiple stories; there's the tale … Continue reading Dishonour – Fringe OnDemand

The Little Glass Slipper as Performed by the Queen of France and her Friends.

Written & Directed by Cara Johnston Produced by The Miles Sisters: Courtney & Cara ★★★★★ As Rome burned, Nero played the fiddle. As the Capitol rioted, Trump engorged on hate. But when the Place de la Bastille was stormed, and Paris was on the brink of revolution, Marie Antoinette performed. One final performance, a fitting … Continue reading The Little Glass Slipper as Performed by the Queen of France and her Friends.

The Laird Strikes Back – Scottish Storytelling Centre

Written by Donald Smith ★★★ The relationship between Scotland and Number 10 is, well, you know. No matter where audiences’ land on the Independence argument, the historical union has had its advantages, disadvantages and tremendous shortfalls. And the position of an advisor to the Prime Minister is an honour, apparently, and by no means an … Continue reading The Laird Strikes Back – Scottish Storytelling Centre

Two Fingers Up – Summerhall

Written & Directed by Seón Simpson and Gina Donnelly ★★★★ What do you remember of sex education and puberty? Or at least, what can you remember that you haven’t blotted out? For many we were given the archaic and established believes that our parents and grandparents were told; of how to act, what to shave … Continue reading Two Fingers Up – Summerhall