Red Alert – Cancer – ZOO Playground

Written & Performed by Alan Wilson Directed by Kolbrún Björt Sigfúsdóttir ★★★ For years, Allan Wilson has supported the Arts and Theatre of Edinburgh. It's 2022, and Wilson makes the decision to remove himself from his usual spot in the audience and slip onto the stage. A writer, a creative, a performer. This story has … Continue reading Red Alert – Cancer – ZOO Playground

REC – Arrow Films Directed & Written by Jaume Balagueró & Paco Plaza Spain/ 2007/ 78 mins ★★★★ The literary device, ‘found-footage’, or epistolary narratives are as antiquated as Dracula or The Screwtape Letter – in filmmaking it’s still a relatively recent subgenre, celebrating its fortieth birthday with the 1980 release of Cannibal Holocaust. Before the endless slew of supernatural remakes and sequels, found-footage was an … Continue reading REC – Arrow Films

Scenes For Survival Launch – National Theatre Scotland At this moment, Theatre is fighting tooth & nail for our right to express a freedom of creativity, and engage an appreciation of what we, as a community, can produce. What finer way to demonstrate the capabilities of exceptionally talented individuals coming together, than with a composite of forty-plus digital artworks produced in isolation. … Continue reading Scenes For Survival Launch – National Theatre Scotland

Sea Fever – Review Written & Directed by Neasa Hardiman Ireland / 2020 / 89 mins ★★★ The sub-genre of ecological horror usually finds itself graced by the ‘marvels’ of M. Night Shyamalan’s The Happening or Cody Duckworth’s Harbinger. These narratives regularly push the ethos of ‘mankind bad – nature good’, with limited tact or subtlety, when, with reworkings and deft narratives, the films’ intentions … Continue reading Sea Fever – Review

Bobby & Amy – Pleasance Courtyard

Written & Directed by Emily Jenkins Runs at Pleasance Courtyard from July 31st - August 26th (not 12th) 12.45pm Friends, though not at first, Bobby & Amy live their days like, dare say, a great many of us did. They have trouble at home, the hidden side of country small-town life. Both of them bullied, … Continue reading Bobby & Amy – Pleasance Courtyard