The Soldier’s Tale – Edinburgh International Festival

Written by Igor Stravinsky ★★★★ Lue, jouée et dansée (to be read, played, and danced) – the only manner in which Stravinsky’s The Soldier’s Tale is to be shared, or so they say. It is a darkly humorous story of Faustian bargains and the value of both simplicity and the heart. Nicola Benedetti’s closing performance as the Edinburgh International Festival’s artist in … Continue reading The Soldier’s Tale – Edinburgh International Festival

The Sorrows of Satan – Brocket Hall

Book and Lyrics by Michael Conley Music by Luke Bateman Directed by Adam Lenson ★★★★ Callous, cunning, and controversial – Satan is equally loved as a literary obstacle as he is a theological adversary. And if the devil hasn’t been the inspiration for a tale of warning, his involvement with the infamous Faust, the quintessential … Continue reading The Sorrows of Satan – Brocket Hall

Faust – Royal Opera House Libretto by Jules Barbier and Michel Carré Score by Charles Gounod ★★★★ Navigating the human condition, to the eventual judgements of heaven’s light and hell’s fire, Faust holds no prisoners in its sumptuously decadent retelling of the infamous man who sold his soul for wealth, power, and vitally in this iteration, a woman. The Royal Opera … Continue reading Faust – Royal Opera House