Sideshow Written & Directed by Adam Oldroyd UK/2022/94mins ★★ There’s something to be said for a cinematic experience in which national treasure Les Dennis defecates himself during an armed heist; it’s nothing good. British comedy Sideshow seems to consider itself a bit of a freak, separate from the mainstream, a ‘dark’ comedy that finds itself with a … Continue reading Sideshow

The County – Review Directed & Written by Grímur Hákonarson Iceland/2019/91mins ★★★★ There’s no question about the economic abuse farmers, particularly dairy, suffer from monopolistic business practises and superstores with market control. Already a colossal issue in the economies of the United States and western Europe, for smaller nations with significantly lower populations the starving tactics employed against … Continue reading The County – Review

Bare E-ssentials 3: with a Vengeance – Encompass Productions Produced by Liam Fleming, Rachael Owens & Jonathon Woodhouse ★★★★ Who says the sequels are never as good as the original? Back with a vengeance, Bare Essentials, one of London’s leading new creative writing evenings returns for their monthly reminder of the talent out there in the world. The now award evening 17th edition (third … Continue reading Bare E-ssentials 3: with a Vengeance – Encompass Productions

Extra Ordinary – Netflix Written & Directed by: Mike Ahern and Enda Loughman If there’s something strange in your neighbourhood, the last person you’d call is the driving instructor, right? Well, in quaint, middle-of-nowhere Ireland, this is precisely who to reach out to for all your ectoplasmic queries. Where other than rural Ireland could you stumble upon satanic … Continue reading Extra Ordinary – Netflix

Myra Dubois: Dead Funny – Underbelly Bristo Square

"Putting the fun into funeral, Myra DuBois makes death look like a party"