Bohemia: Showchoir – Assembly Roxy

Directed by Katie Slater Produced by Aisling Anderson Musical Direction by Falk Mieir ★★★★★ Come rabble, royalty, nobility and rogue – for a Bohemian celebration which claims the Assembly Roxy as it’s own. Returning with their Showchoir, the Edinburgh University Footlights aim to celebrate their namesake: melody. A collection of muses, EUFootlights Bohemia Showchoir amasses various showtunes, rock n’ … Continue reading Bohemia: Showchoir – Assembly Roxy


Into the Long Green Jaws – Fruitmarket

Music by Long Green Jaws Produced by Róisín O'Brien ★★★★ If you’ve grown up on the coast, you’ll understand Into The Long Green Jaws within moments. And it isn’t even the tinkling metal fish, or the re-purposed razor clams, nor even the nautical paraphernalia and more obvious elements: it’s the tangibility of the sound.Long Green Jaws, a performance … Continue reading Into the Long Green Jaws – Fruitmarket

The Gondoliers – Festival Theatre Directed by Stuart Maunder Conducted by Derek Clark and Jonathon Cole-Swinard ★★★★ With tremendous beliefs comes temptation, and when one of two happy-go-lucky Gondoliers is revealed to be the rightful inheritor of a distant kingdom, their Republican ideals are put to the test. Not for greed or glory, but to revolutionise the archaic rule … Continue reading The Gondoliers – Festival Theatre

BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra – Edinburgh International Festival

Conducted by Marin Alsop ★★★★★ In a hypnotic masterclass of a performance, festival favourite Marin Alsop returns to Edinburgh to conduct the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra. Offering an amalgam of diverse and joyful renditions, culminating in Beethoven’s fifth symphony, Alsop and the orchestra meet long-held expectations with this triumphant performance. Emerging to a ravenous crowd – eagerly awaiting the … Continue reading BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra – Edinburgh International Festival

A Grand Night for Singing – Edinburgh International Festival

Rodgers & Hammersteinʼs A Grand Night for Singing Orchestration by Michael Gibson & Jonathan Tunick ★★★ There’s something to be said for the classics – they’re called that for a reason. Walter Bobbie’s musical revue is as unforgettable as the iconic numbers of Rodgers and Hammerstein. Now, you don’t necessarily have to be a fan, but … Continue reading A Grand Night for Singing – Edinburgh International Festival