(There Are) No Strangers Here – Scottish Storytelling Centre

Written by Hilary Spiers, Laure Paterson, Susan Chaney and Richard Peoples Directed by Mark Kydd ★★★ There will come a time when those we consider strangers, visitors to this land, may seek refuge in our homes. There will come a time when those we called strangers will help us secure and rebuild the world, which … Continue reading (There Are) No Strangers Here – Scottish Storytelling Centre

Jungle Book Reimagined – Festival Theatre

https://youtu.be/M-EcN9bpawE Direction and Choreography by Akram Khan Written by Tariq Jordan ★★★ Everything returns to nature. Or so it’s said. In a drowned world – a bleak, not too distant future – Akram Khan’s brooding, fierce, and in moments brave re-imagining of Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book finds a slew of animals claiming the urban wastelands. Written by Tariq Jordan, Jungle Book … Continue reading Jungle Book Reimagined – Festival Theatre

Muster Station – Leith Academy

Written by Nicola McCartney, Tawona Sitholé, Uma Nada-Rajah & Ben Harrison Directed by Ben Harrison ★★★★ The unthinkable is now a near-distant reality, in which the United Kingdom finds itself at the mercy of the growing climate catastrophe. Deemed ‘The Great Wave’, there are days, maybe only hours left, before the country is all but … Continue reading Muster Station – Leith Academy