I Am Tiger – Imaginate

https://youtu.be/r1biyaAIEU8 Written by Oliver Emanuel Directed by Lu Kemp ★★★★ Grief, like a Tiger’s stripes – is unique, everyone’s process of loss is different, no two experiences are ever the same. It’s something which writer Oliver Emanuel is fast becoming renowned for as a writer who finds delicate ease in communicating with younger audiences without … Continue reading I Am Tiger – Imaginate

Doppler – Newhailes House and Gardens

Written and Directed by Ben Harrison Adapted from Erlend Loe's novel ★★★★★ Some people buy a muscle car to conceal their insecurities – others have an affair, though the less said there, the better. A mid-life crisis can result in a peculiar array of life choices, both self-destructive and improving. And then there’s the complete … Continue reading Doppler – Newhailes House and Gardens