Birdboy – Traverse Theatre Created by Emma Martin ★★★★ Not even in their own heads can they find solace - no, in this world where a young boy seeks to escape the trauma and harshness of the every day, even retreating inside his mind comes with risk. Venturing into his head, through a land where growing up is … Continue reading Birdboy – Traverse Theatre


The Lost Happy Endings – Festival Theatre Original Story by Carol Ann Duffy Choreography by Liv Lorent ★★★★ Happy endings seem hard to come back right now, don’t they? It’s difficult in the present climate to appreciate the smaller things, to find joy and solace in a story or two. And often, the chipperness in those tales that guided us through … Continue reading The Lost Happy Endings – Festival Theatre

Is This A Dagger? – Scottish Storytelling Centre Written by Andy Cannon Based on the works of William Shakespeare ★★★★★ Thane of Glamis, Thane of Cawdor, and then King hereafter – let’s face it, you know the story of Shakespeare’s Macbeth. But what about Hector’s Macbeth? Ralph’s? Thought not. Deliciously morbid, revived as whimsically creative and comedic, Is This A Dagger? infuses a sense of … Continue reading Is This A Dagger? – Scottish Storytelling Centre

Sleeping Beauty? – TeaBreak Theatre

Written & Directed by Katharine Armitage ★★★ Everyone has a dream. Some might not yet see it, others may refuse to share it, but deep down, there exists the capacity for something tremendously special within us all. So, grab your fluffiest pillow and stuff it inside your adventure pack. Best bring something bright to ward … Continue reading Sleeping Beauty? – TeaBreak Theatre

The Snow Queen: An Online Storytelling Adventure – Iris Theatre

Adapted & Directed by Natasha Rickman ★★ From the laboratory of myths, fairy tales and storytelling – stories are collected, studied, and shared across the world from one realm to another. You see, Holly tells stories. They are brought to her door where she then undertakes the vitally significant role in sharing them with the … Continue reading The Snow Queen: An Online Storytelling Adventure – Iris Theatre