Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story – Festival Theatre

https://youtu.be/WzKsgMc03oo Written and Produced by Alan Janes Directed by Matt Salisbury ★★★★ The one thing many of us long for is to leave an impact. So, to have the titular role in a smash-hit musical concert experience which has, for over thirty years, entertained over twenty-two million people might speak to the volume of support, … Continue reading Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story – Festival Theatre


Rambert: Peaky Blinders – Festival Theatre

https://youtu.be/fdxajUFO8vI Written by Steven Knight Directed & Choreographed by Benoit Swan Pouffer   ★★★★ The Festival Theatre is under new management folks, and they’re not the type you’d want to raise a complaint with. Not that you’d have any with the venue’s newest show, as Edinburgh welcomes the highly anticipated Rambert’s Peaky Blinders: The Redemption of Thomas … Continue reading Rambert: Peaky Blinders – Festival Theatre

Ferguson and Barton – The Studio

Co-Created and Performed by Lucy Ireland and Jim Manganello Creative Production by Helen McIntosh ★★★ Just what is Vertigo anyhow? The film critic side wants to push for its tertiary genre as a psychological thriller, a romantic drama, and of course a tragedy. But when transitioning to the stage, MANIPULATE 2023’s second Hitchcock-inspired piece, Glasgow-based Shotput Theatre’s Ferguson … Continue reading Ferguson and Barton – The Studio

An Inspector Calls – Festival Theatre

https://youtu.be/plmkQYDRC2M Written by J B Priestley Directed by Stephen Daldry ★★★★★  A house, broken. A country at war. A body.  A tale on class, socialism, ‘white knights’, the welfare state, and guilt, this one-act play is currently touring its 30th anniversary – and a well-deserved one at that. One of the most prestigious works of … Continue reading An Inspector Calls – Festival Theatre

Hey Duggee: The Live Theatre Show – Festival Theatre

https://youtu.be/dpVWO2druNk Directed and Co-Adapted by Matthew Xia Co-Adapted and Musical Supervisor & Arrangement by Vikki Stone ★★★★ Dig out your top hat and stick cane folks, we’re puttin’ on a show. Transitioning a six-time BAFTA-winning animated children’s show Hey Duggee to the stage isn’t an easy feat, with legions of Hey Duggee fans present – who wouldn’t settle for a strict … Continue reading Hey Duggee: The Live Theatre Show – Festival Theatre