The Man in the Submarine – Byre Theatre

Written by Laila Noble Directed by Lu Kemp and Chris Stuart Wilson ★★★ There are few things as isolating as being in a submarine, fathoms below the everyday chatter, connections, and ready availability of tea and biscuits. But to be in one alone is even more inconceivable. But for many, who live with dementia every … Continue reading The Man in the Submarine – Byre Theatre


Snow White – Byre Theatre

Written and Directed by Gordon Barr Musical Direction by Andy Manning ★★★★ There’s a touching duality to this year's Byre Theatre production of Snow White, featuring a tag-line theme of re-writing our stories. Traditionally, pantos of old suffer the lop-sided representations of their fairy-tale foundations, swinging the opposite way to recover this ended in a … Continue reading Snow White – Byre Theatre

A New Life – Traverse Theatre

Directed, Composed and Written by Andy McGregor ★★★ Parenthood’s a bit like a dance. Just as you think you’ve got all the steps down - you end up on your arse. And no matter how hard you try not to compare, it looks like everyone else is just getting the beats faster than you, better … Continue reading A New Life – Traverse Theatre

Scottish Opera: Highlights – Byre Theatre Directed by Jeanne Pansard-Besson Music Director & Piano by Fiona MacSherry ★★★★ Stripped back, raw and accessible, Scottish Opera returns with a Highlights season after a two-year gap. This Autumn outing tour across multiple Scottish locations feels like a return to the roots of the industry, playing smaller venues and cutting to the heart … Continue reading Scottish Opera: Highlights – Byre Theatre

Mother Goose – The Byre Theatre

Directed and Written by Gordon Barr Musical Direction by Stephen Roberts Dust off the tinsel, crack open the advocaat and expand those pipes – it’s Pantomime season. With a vast tradition within the community, The Byre Theatre may have changed a few hands, had a few facelifts and seen more people through its doors than … Continue reading Mother Goose – The Byre Theatre