Tam O’ Shanter – Traverse Theatre

Written by Andy Dickinson (and Robert Burns) Directed by Emily Ingram ★★★★ How nice it is to find an understanding, and indeed appreciation, not only of the works of Scotland’s Bard but of the many storytellers and cultures spanning the Western waters of the country – right through the ol’ Kingdom in the East. Stolen … Continue reading Tam O’ Shanter – Traverse Theatre

Burns – Edinburgh Playhouse

Written and Composed by Tish Tindall Directed by Diane Aspinall and Tish Tindall ★★ Our national dish, the Haggis: you take, what many consider to be, the worst aspects of another dish, the off-cuts, and cram them together with dashes of flavour, spice, and panache. The result is unique, an acquired (but delicious) taste, and … Continue reading Burns – Edinburgh Playhouse