Black Is The Color Of My Voice – Stream Theatre

Written by Apphia Campbell  Directed by Arran Hawkins and Nate Jacobs ★★★★★ Apphia Campbell’s Fringe First award-winning show has enjoyed the successes of London, New York, Shanghai, and Edinburgh and now finds itself streaming digitally for the first time. Reflecting on the journey from church service to renowned vocalist and forefront of the Civil Rights … Continue reading Black Is The Color Of My Voice – Stream Theatre

Under Heaven’s Eyes – Online@The Space

Written & Performed by Christopher Taja ★★★★ Nearly three months on, the murder of George Floyd still sparks debate, fury and aggression on all sides of the conversation. While many have hoped and prayed that his murder marked a turning point, others are realising that the death of another black man at the hands of white police … Continue reading Under Heaven’s Eyes – Online@The Space

TRANSFINITE – Scottish Queer International Film Festival

“As infinite as nature itself” Neelu Bhuman’s omnibus of short films TRANSFINITE defies the expectations of a societal construct and achieves a place as a force of nature. The sixth annual Scottish Queer International Film Festival will run October 14th to 18th 2020, with the full programme available in August, but for now, these accessible digital productions … Continue reading TRANSFINITE – Scottish Queer International Film Festival

Black Men Walking – Traverse Theatre Writer: Testament Director: Dawn Walton Every breath of the landscape in this country echoes the lives of thousands across history. Beneath the soil, the lives of the rich, poor, women, men, Romans and black men and women lay forgotten to but a few. On the first Saturday, of every month, Matthew, Richard and Thomas … Continue reading Black Men Walking – Traverse Theatre