And Then There Were None – Central Hall, Tollcross

Written by Agatha Christie Directed by Matthew Jebb and Jonathan Whiteside ★★★ There’s an irresistible pull to the macabre and sinister, an instinctual thirst for something bloody and mysterious which goes against our nature to survive. It’s that sliver of brutality that the most successful female playwright, and a rather famous author Agatha Christie, captures … Continue reading And Then There Were None – Central Hall, Tollcross


The Satyricon – Assembly Roxy

Written & Directed by Martin Foreman ★★★ Who owns a story these days? Particularly a tale in which we know not the beginning, nor the end, or even most of the middle.   For two millennia, The Satyricon has been picked at, adapted, added to, twisted and perverted more so than any contemporary text can fear. And it … Continue reading The Satyricon – Assembly Roxy