Ghosthunter – Silver Cloud Studios

Written by Douglas Irvine and Cameron Hall Directed by Douglas Irvine ★★★★ Frights are easy. Jumps and screams are simplistic. Genuine fear is talent. Fear is a remarkably powerful state. And yet, the rush from it, the exhilarating thrill of something which pushes us into a primal reaction, is a gold standard of storytelling. Horror … Continue reading Ghosthunter – Silver Cloud Studios


Stornoway, Quebec – Traverse Theatre

Written by Calum L. MacLeòid Directed by Muireann Kelly ★★★★ A pair of outlaws, trapped in a horrendous snowstorm: a nod to Tarantino – with a rich command of the multi-lingual language, and a firmer footing in expanded narrative truth, Theatre Gu Leòr's Muireann Kelly and playwright Calum L MacLeòid's co-production with An Lanntair arts … Continue reading Stornoway, Quebec – Traverse Theatre

How Not To Drown – Traverse Theatre Written by Nicola McCartney and Dritan Kastrati Directed by Neil Bettles ★★★★ We hear about it; those fleeing war-torn nations across channels and open bodies of water. We hear the twisted propaganda regarding small boats, dinghies and rafts. We sometimes even see the people or their bodies washing up on our shores. But we … Continue reading How Not To Drown – Traverse Theatre

Love Beyond (Act of Remembrance) – Traverse Theatre

Written by Ramesh Meyyappan Directed by Matthew Lenton ★★★★ The stream of productions which open themselves up to offer an insight into the lives of those living with dementia is becoming a more commonplace and tightly executed trend in Scottish theatre. A remarkably pure story of a love story of loss, and self-love, Raw Material … Continue reading Love Beyond (Act of Remembrance) – Traverse Theatre

Sister Radio – Pitlochry Festival Theatre

Written by Sara Shaarawi Directed by Caitlin Skinner ★★★★ Some find comfort in familiarity. For others, it's something more ominous. They say nothing to one another but allow the dulcet tones of the radio to fill their silences. Reading one another’s tea leaves, sisters Fatemah and Shirin have their patterns, so much so they never … Continue reading Sister Radio – Pitlochry Festival Theatre