Created by Beren D’Amico, Louis Gift and Charlie Wheeller Directed by Eddie Kay ★★★★ What's in a handshake? Too strong, and you're aggressive, assertive and likely overcompensating. Too feeble, and you're weak, effeminate and submissive. Bromance takes the humble handshake, the deal maker of centuries and infuses a mixture of personal chemistry with humour and catapults male-companionship … Continue reading Bromance – ASSEMBLY SPIEGELTENT PALAIS DU VARIÉTÉ

Mediocre White Male – Assembly Roxy

Created by Will Close and Joe von Malachowski ★★★★ Manipulation is perhaps our cruellest and most devastating tool. And there’s a category of people who have been perfecting this technique for centuries. You’ll find them chiselled in the marble of history, adorning the emerald walls of clubhouses and private venues, much like the ones you’ll … Continue reading Mediocre White Male – Assembly Roxy

Myra’s Story – Assembly Spiegeltent Palais du Variété

Written by Brian Foster ★★★★★ Look down; you’ll see a sea of people you can’t look in the eye. Perhaps you’ve invented a text on your phone, or maybe you suddenly have to itch the right side of your face. We’ve all done it. We’ve all felt the momentary blip of guilt. But for once, … Continue reading Myra’s Story – Assembly Spiegeltent Palais du Variété

Covid-19 – Theatre/Events responses & information

As of March 16th, the Scottish Government advises a policy to protect the capacity of our public services, advising that organisers should cancel or postpone all mass events of 500 people or more – indoors or outdoors. Below is an ongoing list of Scottish Theatre & events venues which have provided their stance on the … Continue reading Covid-19 – Theatre/Events responses & information

The Adventures of Curious Ganz – Assembly Roxy

"Little Angel Theatre spins wood, plastic and string into storytelling gold"