Exodus – Traverse Theatre

https://youtu.be/R2Iic1JKamU Written by Uma Nada-Rajah Directed by Debbie Hannan ★★★ The royal vizier, the second-in-command, the confidant; if there is one thing to know about politics - someone else is always pulling the string. The white cliffs of Dover, is there a finer representation of these Isle's welcoming borders? Well, for some, the welcoming part … Continue reading Exodus – Traverse Theatre


The Mother Load – The Royal Lyceum

Written by Lynda Radley Directed by Isobel McArthur ★★★★ It’s often remarked that there is nothing like childbirth, not the physical stresses and pain, nor the cacophony of fears, joy, terror, and love in the creation of a relationship between mother and their new “bean”. Continuing to produce the highest-quality audio dramas, even as live … Continue reading The Mother Load – The Royal Lyceum

The Panopticon – Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh

Writer: Jenni Fagan Director: Debbie Hannan Panopticon: noun. A historical building, most often a windowed prison turning in on itself, allowing a sense of visual connection. The inhabitants are on view at all times. Never really themselves, their thoughts the only thing kept apart from their keepers. It is also the titular building in which … Continue reading The Panopticon – Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh