Away – Review Written & Directed by Gints Zilbalodis Latvia/2020/75mins ★★★★★ Turning back, a young boy lives in the shadow of a hulking beast, a colossus of immense stature and being. Shrouded in amorphous black wisps and eyes, no matter how far ahead he escapes the being – its presence follows. Away is a concise, relatively short feature from … Continue reading Away – Review

Over The Moon – Netflix Directed by Glen Keane Written by Audrey Wells USA/ 2020/ 95 mins ★★★ Fairy tales and stories sit at the hearts of children and move with them as they come to understand the world and its intense complexities. When her mother passes, and her father slowly begins to introduce a new partner into their … Continue reading Over The Moon – Netflix

The Old Man: The Movie – Fantasia Film Festival Written & Directed by Oskar Lehemaa, Mikk Mägi Estonia/ 2019/ 88 mins ★★★ Milk, it is a dangerous substance – or were you not aware? Causing chaos, its necessity to the small communities across the world leads to a disturbing reliance on the soft, quivering underbellies of so many cows. The stop-motion animation The Old Man may … Continue reading The Old Man: The Movie – Fantasia Film Festival

A Whisker Away – Netflix Written by Mari Okada Directed by Jun'ichi Satô & Tomotaka Shibayama  Japan / 2020 / 104 mins ★★★★ leeping all day, prowling all night – the life of a cat seems a pretty sweet gig, right? No responsibilities, no commitments and all the glasses you can knock off the table. For Miyo Saski, being … Continue reading A Whisker Away – Netflix

TRANSFINITE – Scottish Queer International Film Festival

“As infinite as nature itself” Neelu Bhuman’s omnibus of short films TRANSFINITE defies the expectations of a societal construct and achieves a place as a force of nature. The sixth annual Scottish Queer International Film Festival will run October 14th to 18th 2020, with the full programme available in August, but for now, these accessible digital productions … Continue reading TRANSFINITE – Scottish Queer International Film Festival