The House of Cenci – Parabolic Theatre

Created by Chloe Mashiter, Zoe Flint, Amy Strike and Owen Kingston ★★★★★ An abandoned manor home, vast and glorious even in its shadowed state, but something other than spectres lurk the hallways. The cold tendrils of science-fiction work their way into the superlative marble of historical drama, marrying the tragedy of the past with the … Continue reading The House of Cenci – Parabolic Theatre


Manimals – Greenwich Theatre

Writen by Michelle Hudson Directed by Flo O’Mahony ★★★★ Dating sucks. It sucks at the best of times, let alone during a pandemic. The intricacies of figuring out what the other person really wants, and if that’s even them in the picture sum the experience most of us have with online and app-based dating. But hey, for … Continue reading Manimals – Greenwich Theatre